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Thursday 21 June 2007

FGX Update

Time again to show off the latest lovely squares I've received as part of the Crochet Partners Friendship Granny Exchange (FGX). Where I've been able to locate the pattern online I've added the link.

Clockwise from top left:

Amber Waves
from Texas, USA;

hot pink and peacock variegated from Nebraska, USA;

Friendship Jewel 7" from Pennsylvania, USA;

cream/pink/cream from Arizona, USA;

4-Patch Granny from Texas, USA (similar pattern here);

eight-petal flower square from Wisconsin, USA.

And I've sent out:

Off-Kilter Granny to New York, USA;

Amber Waves to Pennsylvania, USA;

Frilly Flower to Ontario, Canada;

Circle of Friends to Illinois, USA;

Heart Square to Ohio, USA;

Chain Link Granny (my design based on an afghan I saw, pattern to follow) to Arizona, USA.

If you've sent me a square and you don't see it here, don't worry - when I get another half-dozen or so I'll post more pics.

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  • At 21 June, 2007 16:18, Blogger Sharon said…

    Wow, what a great idea to keep track of the squares you send and receive! You do nice work, too.

    Sharon Devol
    CP Friendship Granny Square Exchange Coordinator

  • At 21 June, 2007 16:33, Blogger Sus said…

    So cool! They all look so fun put together like that.

  • At 21 June, 2007 16:56, Blogger jmk said…

    Hi Sharon - thanks! (Psst,folks - this is the FGX co-ordinator. Yeah. She rocks!)

    Sus - it's like my own Digital Granny. Gonna be some colourful afghan, eh? (Nice to have you back)


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