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Monday 30 April 2007


(Snowflake Monday, but you knew that already.)

Hmm... no.

But it was Noel's original free pattern* and I had to try it to complete the set. Doesn't help that halfway through the last round I ran out of the #20 cotton I'd been using and the only other #20 I had was a decidedly dingier white.

*I called up her website on the Wayback Machine but I couldn't for the life of me find a link to this pattern. If anyone remembers the actual url please let me know. The website is still worth a visit, though. Stacks of info and links to other snowflakes.


Wednesday 25 April 2007

Didya miss me?

I sure missed you.

We helped get MFD moved in on Monday (what a job!), M went home yesterday (she stayed one more night with us rather than sleep on the floor surrounded by boxes), and I've got my pc back! Hooray!!

No snowflake this week I'm afraid. I was too busy "attending" to M and trying to get this done in time:

As it was, I only finished it this morning. But if I had managed to give it to her on Monday she'd just have lost it in all the clutter.

Once I catch up with everything here I'm hoping to post my Off-Kilter Granny instructions. But right now I'm off to read my 683 emails. I'm not joking.

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Monday 16 April 2007

Snowflake Monday (yeah, I know)

#3 from The Crochet Works. I had a little fiddle with the "branches" and, as the previous rounds used sc picots, I replaced the slst picots in the last round with sc picots for consistency.

As per the countdown, my friend Dana (henceforth to be known as MFD) will be moving here next Monday. From tomorrow her daughter, our god-daughter, "M" will be staying with us so that she can start at her new school while MFD works her notice. This means I probably won't be able to get anywhere near my computer until she's gone, LOL! So apologies in advance for the lack of posts/comments. I'll be back asap.

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Wednesday 11 April 2007

Well, I never knew that!

Thank you, Sus, for bringing this vital piece of information to my attention:

More Fun Quizzes at


Monday 9 April 2007


This is Nancy Hearne's Snowflake Ornament. Well... almost.

When it was done I felt the edge might benefit from a bit of tweaking.

So I started another one.

It was only when I got to Round 2 that I realized I'd completely skipped this round in the first SF. {sigh} Carry on.

At Round 8 I added an extra chain each side of the points to give the picots in Round 7 a bit more breathing space. Then in the last round I worked an extra sc in each of those loops and added a picot on the sides.

As it happens, I like the first one - with the mistake - better than my tweaked version!

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Saturday 7 April 2007

Saturday Sky with Lighthouse

The Harwich
High Lighthouse was built in 1818, replacing an earlier lighthouse which sat over the town gate. It and the Low Lighthouse 150 yards away on the shore served as "leading lights" - a view of one light positioned over the other meant a ship was on the correct course into the harbour. Over time the harbour channel shifted and the lights became redundant in 1863.

The lighthouse now houses the National Vintage Wireless and Television Museum.

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Monday 2 April 2007

FGX Update

To date, I've received 5 squares and sent out 6 squares as part of the Crochet Partners Friendship Granny Exchange.

Since my last FGX post I've received:

from Arizona, USA -
Grandma's Sunflower

from Maharashtra, India. It's much more "hot pink" in person.

from Florida, USA - Friendship Jewel 7"

from Queensland, Australia - Frilly Flower

And I've sent:

to Arizona, USA - my own design. I call it Off-Kilter Granny. Anyone interested? I'll post the pattern shortly.

to California, USA - stitch pattern here. Yes, teal again. I've got a lot of teal, ok?

to Maharashtra, India. Look familiar? Well, what can I say? - I really liked the pattern.

to Texas, USA. Yeah, I know. I'm such a sheep. It's even worse than that. The original square, when it arrived, was actually closer to 8" than 7" so I removed the last round of dc's. Then I used some of the salvaged yarn for the centre of my square. Hey, that's what scrappy grannies are all about.

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{Insert witty title here}

Sorry, can't come up with anything better than "Snowflake Monday" today and well, frankly, it's been done.

So, without further ado, today's flake:

This is the last of Noel Nevins' recent SF designs. This one is unusual - reminiscent of a stellar plate.

Of her 8 designs my favourites are 1, 4 and 6.

Now to scuttle off and decide which of my patterns I'll tackle this week. Happy Hooking everyone!


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