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Monday, 9 April 2007


This is Nancy Hearne's Snowflake Ornament. Well... almost.

When it was done I felt the edge might benefit from a bit of tweaking.

So I started another one.

It was only when I got to Round 2 that I realized I'd completely skipped this round in the first SF. {sigh} Carry on.

At Round 8 I added an extra chain each side of the points to give the picots in Round 7 a bit more breathing space. Then in the last round I worked an extra sc in each of those loops and added a picot on the sides.

As it happens, I like the first one - with the mistake - better than my tweaked version!

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  • At 09 April, 2007 15:08, Blogger Sus said…

    I like both of them, for different reasons. I like the addition of the picots on the outer round -- I think it "finishes" it somehow. And the space for the round below is nice, too. But the center is quite nice without the added round. Lighter, airier. But both are good. I like!


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