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Monday, 2 April 2007

FGX Update

To date, I've received 5 squares and sent out 6 squares as part of the Crochet Partners Friendship Granny Exchange.

Since my last FGX post I've received:

from Arizona, USA -
Grandma's Sunflower

from Maharashtra, India. It's much more "hot pink" in person.

from Florida, USA - Friendship Jewel 7"

from Queensland, Australia - Frilly Flower

And I've sent:

to Arizona, USA - my own design. I call it Off-Kilter Granny. Anyone interested? I'll post the pattern shortly.

to California, USA - stitch pattern here. Yes, teal again. I've got a lot of teal, ok?

to Maharashtra, India. Look familiar? Well, what can I say? - I really liked the pattern.

to Texas, USA. Yeah, I know. I'm such a sheep. It's even worse than that. The original square, when it arrived, was actually closer to 8" than 7" so I removed the last round of dc's. Then I used some of the salvaged yarn for the centre of my square. Hey, that's what scrappy grannies are all about.

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