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Monday, 26 March 2007

Snow from a cloudless sky

It's an absolutely gorgeous day outside. The sun is shining, there's just a light breeze. I'm going to go out later and prune the buddleia.

Here's last week's snowflake. It's no. 7 of Noel Nevins' 8 snowflake patterns made available to members of Crochet Snowflakes. Unfortunately, NN isn't responding to sign-ups at the moment. Hopefully she'll be back soon.

As for the flake - a bit too much flower, not enough flake this one. Still, I've really liked some of her others and I've got one more to try.

While digging in the garden this afternoon DH disturbed a slow worm that had been basking in the sun. Yep, a really lovely day.

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  • At 27 March, 2007 19:02, Blogger Tina said…

    Oohh I like this one! Great job on it!

  • At 28 March, 2007 01:36, Blogger Sus said…

    Nice flake! I'm particularly grateful that you've now done all the Nevins' snowflakes so I know what they're going to look like. Ah, the wonders of patterns with no pictures. :)

    Wow, now haven't I just learned a nice bit about British flora and fauna? I'd never heard of slow worms and I had no idea that it was illegal to kill or injure any native reptile in the UK. What happens if you accidentally get one with the lawnmower??

  • At 28 March, 2007 07:38, Blogger jmk said…

    Or slice one in half with a spade like DH nearly did?!

    I didn't realise it either. I'm sure you're safe from prosecution unless it's a deliberate act but I expect a lot of people here do deliberately kill snakes when they come across them. I remember my mother chasing a poor garter snake across the garden, whacking it with a rack, when we lived in Canada! The kids were playing there and she was afraid it might be poisonous.

    I suppose the only people who end up falling foul of the law are taxidermists. Who else would get caught?


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