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Monday, 12 February 2007

Show and Tell

Snowflake Monday again. I never did get around to making another SF last week and the one I did make is a repeat of one I made before so there's no point posting another picture. Instead, I'll treat (if I may use that word) you to a few other things I've made recently.

Here is the chart for the flower and the leaf pattern came from this doily at Craftown.

I really love this heart - chart here

Sorry, can't remember where I found this one.

This baby afghan was made for my new nephew, born just before Christmas (pattern here at Modelled by my lovely assistant Larry, who was bought from Hamley's for my 1st birthday. So he's also 40-something and his growler still works!

Naturally, Tinkle the camera-hog had to get in on the act again (seen here earlier). So before you think I only have the one cat:
L to R - Sasha, Beastie and Tinkle, cozying-up together in front of the radiator. Like the blinkie says, "I want my cat's life".

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  • At 12 February, 2007 17:27, Blogger Sus said…

    It's okay. I think flowers and doilies can count for a wonderfully full Snowflake Monday. Just this once, though! ;)

    Seriously, the little flower is adorable. And I love the idea of making doilies. They're just big snowflakes, really. One day I'll make one. In the meantime I'll enjoy yours!


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