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Monday, 29 January 2007

Just another Snowflake Monday

Another winner. This one is from Priscilla's Christmas Crochet.

Now a little experiment. I found some white Anchor Marlitt thread in my stash and thought I'd give it a try on a snowflake. It has a beautiful glossy sheen to it but I was concerned that my glue-based stiffener would just cover it up.

................Pre-glue.............................. Post-glue

You can see that the glue did dull it down quite a bit. It doesn't look any shinier than my other flakes, just slightly translucent. But now I know that if I run out of crochet cotton (HAHAHaHahaha!) the Marlitt will do.

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  • At 30 January, 2007 14:57, Blogger Sus said…

    Nice flakes! I laughed out loud when you said, " out of crochet cotton". Yeah, that would never happen to me, either! I tried a flake once with metallic Cro-Sheen and had a similar result. Not bad, but the stiffener certainly takes the sparkle off. I'll use it for coasters or doilies instead. Someday. :)

  • At 30 January, 2007 18:33, Blogger Tina said…

    Love the flakes! As usual they're beautiful! Regards to running out of crochet that even allowed? Isn't that illegal or something??


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