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Monday, 22 January 2007

Snowflake Monday

Isn't it gorgeous? It's #1 from McCall's Needlework & Crafts, December 1986. I made it with #20 cotton and a 10 hook and it's come out just over 5" from point to point. That's really a bit big for me, and all 5 patterns are about the same size, so I think I'll make these with #30 or even #40 cotton in future.

Pat Depke Books Crochet Snowflakes & Angel PD-5561 - Snowflake #16And remember I said I'd made an easy one after that? Ha! Sure, crocheting this was simple but what a nightmare to block. Points are easy, you just pin and pull. But try and get nice rounded loops when the SF is so small - only 2" across - you can hardly get your fingers between all the pins required. And look how wonky the centre is. Nope, not happy with this one. Ah well, plenty more to try.

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  • At 22 January, 2007 19:27, Blogger Tina said…

    Wow! Both are beautiful! Great job. Your right, the first one is gorgeous. See ya next week!

  • At 23 January, 2007 00:15, Blogger Sus said…

    That McCall's pattern is just lovely. I have yet to pull out thread finer than #10. Of course, all I have on hand other than #10 is #50, and I don't hate my fingertips that much yet... :)

    Great flakes!

  • At 23 January, 2007 22:15, Blogger jmk said…

    Thanks you guys!

    Sus - Have a go at #20 with an 8 steel hook. It'll be awkward for a while but the results will be worth it. Someone recommended working with really fine thread and a tiny hook - after that everything else seems easy! The finest I've used so far is #80 with a 14 hook, but I want to get myself a 16 and use #100. Yeah, mad, I know.


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