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Sunday, 12 November 2006

Making good use of my time

Baby AfghanBaby afghan

Thread crochet angelsThread angels

Halloween ScarfHalloween scarf

Fancy Cotton Washcloth

Fancy cotton washcloth*

Cat BedFleece cat bed

Cat Bed in UseIn use (by Tinkle)

Hearts Doily

Jessamy's Block

Patchwork block for a swap

Small Linen DoilySmall linen doily*

Venetian DoilyVenetian Doily**

Grannie Square AngelGrannie Square Angel

Turkey ButtsTurkey Butts

Flat Pineapple AngelFlat Pineapple Angel
Yep, I've been busy. Now, back to work - byeeee.

*from Leisure Arts Big Book of Little Doilies
**spot the less-than-deliberate mistake

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  • At 23 November, 2006 04:44, Blogger Scott said…

    I know it's strictly American, but since it's one of my favorite holidays, Happy Thanksgiving, JMK!

  • At 26 December, 2006 04:07, Blogger Scott said…

    Happy Christmas, JMK. And special thanks for the Turkey butt!!!

  • At 29 December, 2006 23:36, Blogger Scott said…

    THANK YOU for the Turkey Butt!!! - go there - see why Scott's last name is "Self"

  • At 30 December, 2006 10:42, Blogger jmk said…

    You're more than welcome, Scott. Thanks for the "invite" - glad to see you back. Wishing you a positive 2007!

  • At 30 December, 2006 14:17, Blogger candy said…

    jmk - I got here from Scott's blog. I love this stuff! You are incredibly talented!! I must say I especially love the turkey butts too.

  • At 30 December, 2006 20:43, Blogger jmk said…

    Welcome, Candy! That's very kind of you. I don't know about talented. I can follow a pattern, that's all. ;-)

    Are you crafty?


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