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Monday, 5 February 2007

Early Snow Delayed

I was going to post my Snowflake Monday offering yesterday as I was going to be in Colchester all day today (nattering and shopping and drinking coffee with a friend up from London) but I couldn't get my pictures to load - not with Blogger or ImageShack. I could understand one not working, but both?!

I'd just about given up hope of being able to load them again today when, suddenly, up they popped! Took a verrrrry long time, though.

Both are from Leisure Arts Let It Snow! leaflet 2038. They're meant to be three-dimensional but I prefer my flakes flat.

And before any of you think I skived off SF making today, I had half an hour on the train this morning. I started a SF when I got on and I finished it just as we pulled into Colchester. Nice timing.

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  • At 05 February, 2007 22:37, Blogger Sus said…

    You're just a super flaker, aren't you? I see you've been doing two a week. Are you going for 104 for the year? That will be mighty impressive! They look great, as always! Keep up the good work!


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