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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Thou shalt decide for yourself

National Quaker Week - 4 to 12 October 2008

I am a Quaker. Have been for 14 years now. The Quaker way of doing things suits my temperament, my world view and my spirituality.

The National Quaker Week website invites readers to listen to nine people explaining why they decided to be a Quaker. If you've ever wondered what Quakers are all about give 'em a listen.



  • At 06 October, 2008 03:22, Blogger Sus said…

    Thanks for that link. It was very informative and caused me to read more. I really wish I thought it was for me, because there are things there that I think are truly wonderful and many things I agree with but a few biggies I know I could not truly embrace. I even found out there's a meetinghouse in Milwaukee on part of a nature preserve that the Friends help maintain, which is pretty awesome. I really like knowing a bit more about it, though, and I thank you for the starting point. :)

  • At 06 October, 2008 18:39, Blogger jmk said…

    You're welcome!


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