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Friday, 13 June 2008

Peace Granny

The fabulous Isabelle (FilACroche on Ravelry) set about making a chart for her own use - clever girl! - and then very generously allowed me to post it here for everyone!
UPDATE - 17 May 12: Having trouble with the RVS in round 7? Try the "longhand" version posted here
UPDATE - 29 May 11: a schematic for rounds 1 and 2 has been added - the stitches are shown "flat" for clarity but you'll be working in the round. I hope it helps with that fiddly round 2!

Some time back a member of Crochet Partners posted that she was looking for a peace symbol granny square pattern. Somehow it caught my imagination, and this was the result.

Seeing the picture of it now, I think the square would benefit from a wider border, but at the time I was just trying to knock something up quickly to fill a need. It came out 10" for me (I crochet loosely) but it would be a simple thing to add rounds to bring it up to any size you like.

Peace Sign Granny Square
(American Notation)

Worsted weight - Colours A and B
H hook

FL= front loop
BL = back loop
Reverse V-stitch: work 2dctog, skipping 1 st btw first and second dc. Click here for more details.

Changing colours: with last 2 loops of dc still on hook, drop first colour and complete stitch with second colour. Carry colours across the back of the work, catching under a stitch if they get a bit long, or work completely over them throughout.

With A: Ch 4 and join to form a ring (or use a Magic Ring).

Rnd 1) ch 1, work 12 sc in ring, join with slst in FL of beg sc.

Rnd 2) ch 3, dc in nxt st, dc in FL of next st. With B: dc in back loop (BL) of same st, 2 dc in nxt st, dc in nxt st, dc in BL of same st. With A: dc in FL of same st, dc in nxt st, dc in FL of nxt st. With B: dc in BL of same st. With A: dc in FL of same st, dc in nxt st, dc in FL of nxt st. With B: dc in BL of same st. With A: dc in FL of same st, dc in nxt st, dc in FL of nxt st. With B: dc in BL of same st, dc in same st (both loops), 2 dc in nxt st, dc in BL of same st as beg ch3, join with slst to beg ch3. = 24 dc

Click here for the full-size picture

Rnd 3) With A: Ch 3, (dc in nxt st) x 2. With B: (2 dc in nxt st) x 5. *With A: (dc in nxt st) x 3. With B: (2 dc in nxt st). Rpt from * once. With A: (dc in nxt st) x 3. With B: (2 dc in nxt st) x 5, join with slst to beg ch3. = 36 dc

Rnd 4) With A: Ch 3, (dc in nxt st) x 2. With B: (2 dc in nxt st, dc in nxt 2 st) x 3, 2 dc in nxt st. *With A: (dc in nxt st) x 3. With B: (2 dc in nxt st) x 2. Rpt from * once. With A: (dc in nxt st) x 3. With B: (2 dc in nxt st, dc in nxt 2 st) x 3, 2 dc in nxt st, join with slst to beg ch3. = 48 dc

Rnd 5) With A: Ch 3, (dc in nxt st) x 2. With B: (2 dc in nxt st, dc in nxt 3 st) x 3, 2 dc in nxt st, dc in nxt st. *With A: (dc in nxt st) x 3. With B: 2 dc in nxt st, dc in nxt 2 st, 2 dc in nxt st. Rpt from * once. With A: (dc in nxt st) x 3. With B: (2 dc in nxt st, dc in nxt 3 st) x 3, 2 dc in nxt st, dc in nxt st, join with slst to beg ch3. = 60 dc

Rnd 6) With A: ch 3, dc in nxt 3 st, (2 dc in nxt st, dc in nxt 4 st) x 11, 2 dc in nxt st, join with slst to beg ch3. Finish off A.

Rnd 7) With B: sc in beg ch3 of prev rnd, ch 2, (sk st, sc in nxt st, ch 2) x 3, *sk st, RVS, ch 2, (dc in same st, ch 2) x 2, RVS starting in same st, (ch 2, sk st, sc in nxt st) x 6, ch 2, rpt from * around, join with slst to beg sc. = 40 ch2 sp

Rnd 8) slst into ch2 sp, ch1, 2 sc in sp, *3 sc in nxt sp, 2 hdc in nxt sp, 3 hdc in nxt sp, 2 dc in nxt sp, (3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc) in nxt sp, 2 dc in nxt sp, 3 hdc in nxt sp, 2 hdc in nxt sp, 3 sc in nxt sp, 2 sc in nxt sp, rpt from * around, join with slst to beg sc. = 112 st, 4 ch1 sp

Rnd 9) ch1, sc in same st and in ea st around, working 3 sc in ea ch1 sp. Join with slst to beg sc. Finish off. = 124 sc

Copyright © 2008, Judy M Kerr. All Rights Reserved.
Errors? Problems? Please email me.

Ta da! Isabelle/FilACroche's chart -

If you do try this pattern I'd love to see pictures!
ETA: See an afghan made with this square here.

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  • At 13 June, 2008 22:24, Blogger Sus said…

    That is *great*!!! Awesome job! The design is so crisp; it just works so well.

  • At 13 June, 2008 23:15, Blogger jmk said…

    Thank you Sus! It was just one of those "Ooo, must try that right now!" moments, LOL.

    BTW, did you that Ravelry has a link to your snowflake pattern? I found out when I was listing the snowflakes I'd made from online patterns.

  • At 30 June, 2008 17:03, Blogger Andi said…

    That's awesome!

  • At 01 July, 2008 19:13, Blogger jmk said…

    Thanx, Andi!

  • At 21 August, 2008 16:01, Blogger Patti Sandlin said…

    Love it, love it, love it! Already have an afghan in the works, using black and brights to simulate stained glass

  • At 21 August, 2008 16:46, Blogger jmk said…

    Well, thank you very much Patti! Great idea - I hope we'll see a picture.

  • At 01 May, 2009 16:33, OpenID Margie said…

    Wow! This looks like a great pattern. Did you think it was challenging when changing colors? That part sounds a little confusing.

  • At 01 May, 2009 18:44, Blogger jmk said…

    Hi Margie,
    Thank you! It was fun working it out. The pattern is a bit of a brain-ache, though - sorry. But it's really just Rnd 2. The reason for the FL's and BL's is to keep the three stitches of each "arm" of the symbol parallel so that the arms are straight and not angling out from the centre. The good news is, once you get past that round the rest are just ordinary dc's and the colour changes are obvious.

  • At 24 June, 2009 22:17, Blogger Erica Sastre said…

    You change colors... um... at the end of the last stich or during the stich it tells you to change color?

  • At 25 June, 2009 19:05, Blogger jmk said…

    Hi Erica! Yes, you change colour before you finish the dc, while you've still got the last two loops on your hook. That way you get a nice, smooth transition from one colour to the next. If you were to finish the stitch and then changed colour, the top "v" threads of your dc would be the wrong colour.

  • At 21 March, 2010 09:06, Blogger Charlotte said…

    I'm so glad I found you. My granddaughter would love this.

  • At 22 March, 2010 18:31, Blogger jmk said…


    I'm glad you found me, too! :-) I'd love to see what you make with it.

  • At 16 May, 2010 10:36, Blogger jmk said…


    Hi Linda, I hadn't heard back from you, so just in case me email was trashed as spam, here it is:

    Yes, go for it, absolutely. :-) I'm so pleased you considered it.

    What a marvelous opportunity for your daughter. How long will she be there?

    Good luck with your fundraising. I hope my little square goes some way towards achieving your goal. Let me know if you have any problems with the pattern. The second round is a bit of a bear, LOL, but after that it should be straightforward.

    Best wishes,
    Judy Kerr
    formerly of Enfield, Middlesex, UK ;-)

  • At 18 September, 2010 21:06, Blogger sarahcat96 said…

    you know what would be great if there was any way that you could make a video tutorial i never have been great at reading patterns and understanding them so it would be amazing if you would do that and post it on your blog thanks

  • At 18 September, 2010 21:07, Blogger sarahcat96 said…

    it would help alot if you posted a video tutorial to this pattern think about it

  • At 19 September, 2010 20:54, Blogger jmk said…

    sarahcat96 -

    LOL! For such enthusiasm I wish I could accommodate you. But I don't have a webcam or a video recorder and I've never done anything like that.

    I know the 2nd round is very fiddly (I might be able to work out some sort of photo tutorial for that bit; I'll have to give it some thought) but once you're past that bit the rest is pretty easy.

  • At 20 September, 2010 22:05, Blogger sarahcat96 said…

    ok that would be fine a photo tutorial that would be great thanks youuuu

  • At 02 October, 2010 23:40, Blogger robin said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 02 October, 2010 23:41, Blogger robin said…

    I would like to make this afghan for my daughter but I have no idea how much yarn I should buy.

  • At 03 October, 2010 12:43, Blogger jmk said…

    Hi Robin,

    I've not made an afghan with this pattern but I always allow about 1200g/42oz for a single size.

    I just checked a couple of the afghans on Ravelry - one person used 6 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver (just under 42oz) and another used 10 different colours but I don't think she used all the yarn.

    HTH! Judy

  • At 03 October, 2010 17:19, Blogger robin said…

    Thank you

  • At 21 December, 2010 20:38, Blogger FairyQueen said…

    This is fantastic... My niece is into peace symbols at the moment and for Christmas all my nieces are getting crocheted bags. It took me two days to find it, but your pattern will be perfect for my oldest niece's bag!

  • At 22 December, 2010 08:01, Blogger jmk said…

    FairyQueen -
    Glad you finally found it. Sorry to be "hiding", LOL! I hope you have enough time to get your bag done. Please email me if you have any problems with the pattern. Round 2 is rather fiddly but it's pretty straightforward after that. :-)

  • At 23 December, 2010 00:48, Blogger FairyQueen said…

    Thank you. I think it will all be good.. just having issues because I'm using a chenille yarn from Lion Brand for the peace sign area. It can be difficult to see the stitches lol. I put up pics of my work on the Lion Brand site.. hope you won't mind if I do and add a link to your blog. Happy Holidays!

  • At 24 December, 2010 18:42, Blogger jmk said…

    Oh, I didn't know you could do that. In the Customer Gallery section? I'll look out for it! ;-)

  • At 10 January, 2011 18:47, Blogger Pat said…

    Thanks for the great pattern! Perfect my peace lovin' 9 y.o. DD.
    I've posted and linked on Ravelry.

  • At 12 January, 2011 08:15, Blogger jmk said…

    Thanks Pat! If I've found the right person on Ravelry, I just love your tree ornament. Brilliant! I love the way one little idea can spark off loads more. :-)

  • At 17 June, 2011 21:13, Blogger Julia said…

    I'm one of the Editors at and I just wanted to let you know I have linked to your project on our site. You can see the project and thumbnail at: I think it's a great project that our readers will just love to make. This will easily bring traffic to your site and allow others to see what's new on your site.
    We would love to add more of your projects to our site, so feel free to let us know as you add or create projects. We are always looking for afghan projects as well as other projects so if you have any of these please feel free to send them my way or let us know if you prefer we not link to you. We also feature projects from our website on our blogs, eBooks and e-mail newsletters.
    Your project is great and we know our readers will enjoy it. With that said, can we have permission to link to any project on your site as well as use the image? We will credit you, of course.

  • At 02 July, 2011 01:16, Blogger mary said…

    I love your pattern! I love the black strips between the blocks and would like the pattern for how you finished the afghan, please.

  • At 02 July, 2011 01:17, Blogger mary said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 10 July, 2011 15:06, Blogger jackie pudvay said…

    Very cute peace sign granny square, hope I can make it look like yours. I'm also looking for a Marijuana leaf granny square, 6 or 7 inch would be just perfect. I haven't had any luck finding any thing that small. Any ideas? I need it for a fund raiser, to help buy a seizure dog for a lady that is on medical marijuana. I also need to make marijuana leaf coasters. Any ideas or help, I would be very greatful. My e-mail is & Thank-you for readind this.

  • At 04 August, 2011 05:10, Blogger KinnicChick said…

    Can't wait to come back and give this a try now that you've added the chart. :)

  • At 29 September, 2011 15:49, Blogger Pam said…

    Had a guy tell me that if I could make him a scarf with a peace sign he would buy if for his wife. I goggled and found yours. Love it. I made a scarf and a hat with it. He was thrilled and so was his wife. She wants me to make more things for her now. I did change your pattern up a bit to fill my needs though.

  • At 29 September, 2011 16:27, Blogger jmk said…

    That's wonderful Pam! I hope you see this reply because I'd love to see your scarf & hat set if you took a picture of it. :-D

  • At 03 November, 2011 17:59, Blogger Lena Nordin said…

    Just made a afghan from your pattern! thank you so much for sharing.

    You can see it here:

    It's in swedish... But the pics speaks for themselves :)

    Thanks again!

  • At 14 November, 2011 22:03, Blogger Sam Muller said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 14 November, 2011 22:12, Blogger Green Zebra said…

    LOVE the peace sign!!! Hope you don't mind me making a purse with it. There's some pictures up of my progress on my facebook page. Amazing pattern

  • At 22 December, 2011 06:25, Blogger Jen said…

    I can't figure out the reverse v stitch. Could you please explain that more? Thank you!

  • At 24 December, 2011 08:38, Blogger yesi said…

    i LOVE this pattern! it would be so awesome for what im makeing! but i just dont understand it! you make a ring, do the 12 sc in the ring, dc and then change colors? how?! when do you add color B? i really want this to work out but i cant understanf it! and you keep the color on the hook? huh! lol im sooo lost help!

  • At 24 December, 2011 08:40, Blogger yesi said…

    i LOVE this pattern! it would be so awesome for what im makeing! but i just dont understand it! you make a ring, do the 12 sc in the ring, dc and then change colors? how?! when do you add color B? i really want this to work out but i cant understanf it! and you keep the color on the hook? huh! lol im sooo lost help!

  • At 27 December, 2011 15:23, Blogger jmk said…

    Hi Yesi, I'm glad you like the pattern. You don't have any contact details so I'm hoping you come back to check for posts here.

    There is a section on changing colours at the beginning of the pattern, although it does assume some experience of basic crochet.

    And I hope the schematic will give a clearer indication of where and when to change colours.

    If you need help with any of the specifics, please email me. :-)

  • At 23 January, 2012 11:23, Blogger Blythe said…

    This was the first granny square I ever tried to make. I recently shared the pattern with my little sister and remembered the (woeful) attempt I made. However, taught me a lot lol, so danke for posting this.

  • At 23 January, 2012 17:23, Blogger jmk said…

    Blythe, my goodness! If this is your first granny square it's wonderful! And you're very brave. ;-)

  • At 02 February, 2012 18:15, Blogger CloakroomCreations said…

    Love it.

  • At 23 April, 2012 20:52, Blogger nanakimmie said…

    I can't wait to do this for my granddaughter.

  • At 29 November, 2012 14:50, Blogger Rosalind Russell said…

    Thanks for sharing my daughter loves peace signs can't wait to make something with this motif....Love it!

  • At 19 February, 2013 05:55, Blogger Ofelia gonzalez anguiano said…

    me encanto el cuadro de amor y paz en crochet, pero no me queda bien, por favor ayúdame con un paso a paso en fotos, gracias por tu generosidad al compartir y espero poder hacer este bonito trabajo

  • At 23 February, 2013 17:15, Blogger jmk said…

    Hola Ofelia! Gracias por su interés en el patrón. Creo que no soy capaz de hacer buenas fotografías de las puntadas. En ronda 2, son demasiado juntos. El gráfico por Isabelle es muy bueno. ¿Usted puede utilizarlo?
    {translated with the Bing Translator -}
    (Hello Ofelia! Thank you for your interest in the pattern. I do not think I am able to make good photographs of the stitches. In round 2, they are too close together. The chart by Isabelle is very good. Can you use it?)

  • At 05 April, 2013 16:10, Blogger Becca deHoyos said…

    This is beautiful. Just to be sure, I'm carrying the contrasting color from arm to arm rather than breaking off and weaving in?

  • At 05 April, 2013 18:18, Blogger jmk said…

    Becca, that was the intention - but if you're happier breaking and weaving in the ends that's fine too. :)

  • At 10 July, 2013 16:18, Blogger Mands Nowak said…

    I'd love to send you a picture of our finished afghan we made with this wonderful pattern, where could I email it to?

    Thanks so much for sharing this!


  • At 13 July, 2013 20:11, Blogger jmk said…

    And I'd love to see it, Mands! Please send it to sofar_sogood at btinternet dot com.

  • At 14 November, 2013 01:18, Blogger Joyce said…

    I really want to crochet this pattern however Round 2 has me totally stumped!! help!! and thank you! Joyce

  • At 14 November, 2013 11:41, Blogger Joyce said…

    I forgot to leave my contact information. My email: Thank you

  • At 15 November, 2013 18:40, Blogger jmk said…

    Joyce, I've emailed you. :-)

  • At 25 February, 2014 21:07, Blogger Robin Standridge said…

    Love love love this pattern but again round two is so confusing please help! I get the color changing but seems somehow I am missing something in the second change thank you.

  • At 26 February, 2014 18:13, Blogger jmk said…

    Robin, I've emailed you. :)

  • At 18 March, 2014 14:08, Blogger AlecSandra said…

    I'd like to make an afghan using your pattern but I wonder if you have any idea on how much yarn I'd need. It would be good to know before I shop for the yarn.


  • At 18 March, 2014 14:09, Blogger AlecSandra said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 18 March, 2014 18:45, Blogger jmk said…

    [I've replied to AlecSandra by email, but I'll post it here too, as others may find it useful]

    Hi AlecSandra,

    I’m afraid I don’t know how much yarn an afghan would require. I’ve only ever made a few individual squares.

    That said, I had a look on Ravelry at the afghans others have made with the pattern to see if any of them listed the amount used. Three did, but it’s a bit confusing, LOL!

    (Yardage for sewing and borders is included in the totals)
    One made a 54-square afghan that, according to the totals they listed, required roughly 56.7 yards of yarn per square. Another made 20 squares and supposedly used 107.2 per square. And the third made 12 squares and used 30.3. Not much consistency there, I’m afraid.

    If you could bring yourself to do it, I’d suggest working one square and then taking it apart again and measuring how much yarn it took.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Happy hooking,


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