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Monday, 6 October 2008

Snowflake Monday

Hot on the heels of my previous Snowflake Monday post (well, only 4 weeks; that's good for me!)

This is the Chain Loop Snowflake from the Better Homes and Gardens website.

This is the Open Chain Loop Snowflake from the same page.

And this one is Snowflake No.4 from More Snowflakes in Crochet Thread by Mary Thomas, ASN #1038.

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  • At 06 October, 2008 20:46, Blogger Sus said…

    Your flakes look terrific, as always! Thanks for posting the BHG link! I really *must* get back to flaking...

  • At 08 October, 2008 11:37, Blogger jmk said…

    Ta! Yes, you must! Christmas is fast approaching (much as I hate to admit it) and you wouldn't want to be caught flakeless. :-(


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