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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Garden Visitors

One of the joys of moving here was to finally have a garden and to discover all the little critters that call in from time to time.

This fella (Common Frog) has taken up residence in DH's timber pile behind the workshop. I jumped almost as far as he did when I disturbed him. Well, he is a big frog... and I wasn't expecting him... {blush}

This little guy (Grey Dagger Moth caterpillar), on the other hand, is slowly and peacefully munching his way through our damson tree. The moth he will eventually become is quite plain but right now he's very colourful. And check out those spikes!

I wish I could get close enough to get a picture of the two baby Woodpigeons in our neighbours' cherry tree. Their wings are feathering up nicely but their heads and bodies are still just grey "chicken skin" with a wispy covering of fluff. They're so ugly they're cute!

Update 27/8/08: The pigeon babies have graduated to flapping around the tree.
Update 29/8/08: The babies have flown the nest are are currently hanging out in our willow.If you look about a quarter of the way down the left side you can just make out the dark grey back of the second (camera shy) baby.



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