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Monday, 13 August 2007

It's that day again

And I do have a snowflake!

It's "Emily's Snowflake" and the pattern can be found here. Word of warning, though - the reason I made this one is because someone else posted that they'd tried it but there was no picture to go by and the pattern didn't make sense. I'm sorry to say I agree with them. I think it was meant to be an 8-point flake but after a great deal of trial and error I decided to just make my own 6-point version (repeat after me, snowflakes have six points - anything else is a motif).
Here are my adjustments:
Ch 5 and slst to form a loop
Rnd 1) 6 sc
Rnd 2) stet
Rnd 3) as written but work a dc into each ch1 sp and each sc
Rnd 4) first brackets should read (3 dc, 2 ch, 3 dc), repeat all 5 times.
Rnd 5) stet
Rnd 6) as written but repeat from * to * 4 times more

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  • At 14 August, 2007 13:18, Blogger Sus said…

    I really, really like this little design -- I can see a nice dresser scarf made from a bunch of these.


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