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Thursday, 9 August 2007

Late Flakes, Holiday Snaps and a Big Brag

Sorry I'm late. Our little guest has (finally) gone home and I'm frantically trying to catch up with everything.

This is simplysnowflakes' SF Sign-up #11. I added an extra "arm" 'coz y'all know I don't do 5-point flakes (or 8 or God forbid 12). I should have reduced the number of chains between each point, though - as it is it came out too "round".

I think last week I promised some pics of L's visit so here goes:

L with the bear she won in the arcade at Seawick Holiday Park (St Osyth, Essex) on one of those crane grabber machines. How did she do that? I have never managed to get one of those machines to grab anything! (She doesn't like having her picture taken - can you tell?)

So then she goes and wins another one. Which she gave to me! Dear, dear child :-) I've named him Reggie - thought you might want to know that.

After Seawick we went to Mistley Place Park where L was "adopted" by a goat - it followed her all along the fence wanting more scratches.

Sometimes the pigs are out wandering around the park but this day they were all asleep, like this snoring porker. Really, he was snoring - it was so cute.

Of course, no holiday would be complete without the classic "joke" shot (DH enjoying an ice cream whilst perusing an information board by the River Stour at Mistley - "bunny ears" provided by L).

And now for the Big Brag. While she was here I taught L how to crochet. The brag is not that I taught her but that she picked it up so quickly! She bought her own yarn and hook at our local needlecraft shop and this is what she made the first day:

She decided it was a coaster. After that she made a little blue scarf for her soon-to-be-born nephew, then a round coaster and then she made this heart for her mum (pattern here):

I know grown women who won't attempt picots but she wasn't fazed in the least. Gosh, I'm proud of her.

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  • At 09 August, 2007 11:44, Blogger Sus said…

    Isn't it great, teaching someone to crochet? I love it. Looks like you just had Super Pupil! Fabulous work! Looks like you had a great time all around.

    It's so cute that you only make six-pointers. ;) I didn't see what this one looked like with only five points, but I bet it was still pretty round. Good on you for modifying the pattern until you could stand it. I saw that Kim didn't even notice. Hee!


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