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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Corner Stripe Square

22 Aug 12 - Corrections to border

I've been making a few squares for Hugs for Haiti, a group on Ravelry. I'd made a couple of "bright" ones and a couple of "cute" ones and decided I needed a distinctly "boy" one. So I came up with this:

Corner Stripe Square
(American Notation)
WW and an H/5mm hook = approximately 6”
Colours A, B, and C

Notes: dc in flo = double crochet in the front loop only (used in the first row of each colour change to emphasise the edge)
FO = finish off.

Row 1 (RS) – With A: ch 4, in 4th ch from hook work (dc, ch 2, 2 dc). Remaining 3-ch at beginning counts as a dc.

Row 2 – ch 3, turn (counts as a dc throughout), dc in nxt dc, (2 dc , ch 2, 2 dc) in ch-2 sp, dc in nxt2 dc.

Row 3 – ch 3, turn, dc in nxt 3 dc, (2 dc , ch 2, 2 dc) in ch-2 sp, dc in nxt 4 dc. FO. Turn.

Row 4 – With B: ch 3, dc in flo of nxt 5 dc, (2 dc , ch 2, 2 dc) in ch-2 sp, dc in flo of nxt 6 dc.

Row 5 – ch 3, turn, dc in nxt 7 dc, (2 dc , ch 2, 2 dc) in ch-2 sp, dc in nxt 8 dc. FO. Turn.

Row 6 – With C: ch 3, dc in flo of nxt 9 dc, (2 dc , ch 2, 2 dc) in ch-2 sp, dc in flo of nxt 10 dc.

Row 7 – ch 3, turn, dc in nxt 11 dc, (2 dc , ch 2, 2 dc) in ch-2 sp, dc in nxt 12 dc. FO. Turn.

Row 8 – With A: ch 3, dc in flo of nxt 13 dc, (2 dc , ch 2, 2 dc) in ch-2 sp, dc in flo of nxt 14 dc. FO. Turn.

Border – With any colour (I chose B): work 3 sc in 1st dc of Row 8, sc in nxt 15 dc, 3 dc sc in ch-2 sp, sc in nxt 15 dc, 3 dc sc in last dc, sc in side of last dc, (2 sc in side of dc) x 7, 3 sc in beg ch-1, (2 sc in side of dc) x 7, sc in side of 1st dc of Row 8, slst to 1st sc. FO.

Copyright © 2010, Judy M Kerr. All Rights Reserved.
As ever, if you have any problems with this pattern or spot any goofs, please let me know at sofar_sogood at btinternet dot com.

Happy hooking!

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  • At 25 January, 2010 13:37, Blogger Sus said…

    Nice square! I love the decision to work back loops only just on the color change rows -- it really makes a nice crisp color change! Wonderful work!

  • At 25 January, 2010 15:39, Blogger jmk said…

    Yay! Sus - my one-woman cheer squad! Thank you, sweetie!

  • At 24 April, 2012 20:44, Blogger Susie Jane said…

    This reminds me of a log cabin quilt pattern. Love it! Thanks for the instructions!

  • At 11 May, 2012 21:10, Blogger jmk said…

    Susie Jane, having read your blog I'm not surprised you like the log cabin look. ;-)

  • At 03 October, 2012 03:12, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for this pattern, I have been searching for a male square, and you have just provided it.
    Cheers Marlene
    Bendigo Victoria.

  • At 03 October, 2012 21:47, Blogger jmk said…

    Very happy to have helped! Woot!

  • At 11 January, 2013 21:42, Blogger Sandi Tyger said…

    This is a wonderful pattern. Can't wait to try it! Thank you for allowing us to have the pattern free!

  • At 12 January, 2013 18:11, Blogger jmk said…

    You're very welcome, Sandi. Thank you for your enthusiasm! :)

  • At 13 January, 2013 01:31, Blogger Rita G. said…

    In your pattern you have FO before you change to the next color. Is that finish off? I am a bit confused. Love the pattern and color choice.

  • At 13 January, 2013 09:25, Blogger jmk said…

    Got it in one, Rita!

  • At 03 February, 2013 16:05, Blogger Lori Ashley said…

    Thanks for this pattern. I really like it! I have been looking for a pattern to use 2 variegated and 2 solids. I have fern green, a variegated with that color and sand, then the sand and then a variegated with sand and shades of light brown. I think this will look great with those colors!!

  • At 04 February, 2013 17:59, Blogger jmk said…

    I'm go glad you like it, Lori! Your colours sound lovely (I love variegated yarns; here in the UK we don't get anywhere near the selection you get in the US). I bet it will look great. I'd love to see a picture when it's done. Are you on Ravelry? I'm there as JudyK.

  • At 01 April, 2014 05:05, Blogger Wife said…

    I've become addicted to making dish/wash cloths and just found this awesome pattern.

    Question: You state "WW and an H/5mm hook..."

    Please pardon what may be a dumb question---what is "WW"?

    Thank you.

  • At 01 April, 2014 07:21, Blogger jmk said…

    Hi Wifey! It's worsted weight. Not a dumb question, probably just a pre-caffeine one. :)

  • At 03 May, 2014 20:06, Blogger Anne W. said…

    I can't work on large afghans any longer, but I can make these squares and piece them together. Thanks!

  • At 07 May, 2014 17:32, Blogger jmk said…

    My pleasure, Anne. I'm glad you're hooking any way you can! ;)

  • At 15 May, 2014 19:32, Blogger Linda Hughes said…

    Hi jmk a friend just sent me this pattern I had seen a similar one but it was " messy" love this one! I do have a ? When you finish off a row then add a new color (like row 4) what or how do you add your new color? I am making this for a friend and want it perfect!! Thank you so much. Winnie

  • At 16 May, 2014 16:55, Blogger jmk said…

    Hi Linda, I'm so glad you like this square. :)

    To be honest, I didn't do anything special with the ending/ beginnings. I finished off with a chain, cut the yarn and pulled it through tight. With the new colour, I inserted my hook in the first stitch, pulled up a loop and worked a ch 3.

    But I've since discovered the "Chainless Starting DC" which replaces the beginning ch 3 and looks much tidier. If you haven't used them before you should give it a try - here's a link:

  • At 10 March, 2015 17:01, Blogger Bonnie Banks said…

    You may not believe it, but I just finished an afghan for a boy in just this pattern (the whole afghan like your square enlarged). I used shades of teal and put a "plain" stripe of light blue between colors. I often notice we crocheters "channel" ideas at the same time or season. Love it!

  • At 11 March, 2015 20:53, Blogger jmk said…

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • At 11 March, 2015 20:54, Blogger jmk said…

    Bonnie, of course I believe it. That's what happens when we play with yarn and a hook. :) And your afghan sounds great. I'd love to see a picture of it. Are you on Ravelry?

  • At 26 April, 2015 00:10, Blogger Louise Kaiser said…

    what is best pattern to connecting squares

  • At 27 April, 2015 18:20, Blogger jmk said…

    To be honest, Louise, I've only made individual squares for various charities. I've not made these into an afghan. That said, my favourite joining method is simply to put the squares right-sides together and slipstitch them through the back loops only (those would be the “outside” loops in this position). So much easier than sewing them together, trying to keep the tension even and having all those ends to sew in! And it makes a nice “line” around all the squares.

  • At 31 May, 2015 04:51, Blogger Shannon Murphy said…

    Are you using UK terms or US terms?

  • At 31 May, 2015 20:17, Blogger jmk said…

    I use US terms ("American notation"). Although I'm English and back in England after 21 years abroad, I learned to read crochet patterns when I lived in the US so that's what I'm used to. I have to mentally "translate" English patterns, LOL.

  • At 04 November, 2015 08:39, Blogger Purfylle said…

    Your pattern totally inspired my latest crochet throw. Thanks so much.

  • At 04 November, 2015 15:44, Blogger jmk said…

    Oh Purfylle, that is so cool! Love the shape and the colours. Thank you so much for the link back.


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