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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Squares, glorious squares

Long overdue, here is another CrochetPartners Friendship Granny Exchange (FGX) update:

Received (not all that) recently:

Clockwise: Puff Stitch Heart (similar pattern here), Bride's Square, unknown, interesting Granny Square variant (anyone know the pattern?)

Sent (also not all that) recently:

Clockwise: Granny Square variant (based on the one in the Granny-Along header, Circle of Hope, Heather's Flowers, Spring Breeze

I've since sent and received enough additional squares to do another "2x2" update but I'll give you a bit of breathing space. ;-)

I'm now only 5 squares away from being able to start my FGX afghan!

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  • At 06 February, 2009 12:03, Blogger Sus said…

    Love your squares!! I can't wait to see how this afghan is going to turn out -- so much variety! Fun!!


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