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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Roi Ankhkara Kwabena, 1956 - 2008

Roi Ankhkara Kwabena - poet, story-teller, musician, educator, cultural anthropologist/activist and my dear, dear friend - crossed over 9 January 2008, after several months of illness.

He leaves behind a precious wife and a beautiful little girl about to turn two - as well as a wealth of poetry, music, inspiration, empowerment and loving memories.

Official Site

Commissioned Poetry

Cultural Literacy


Literature of the Caribbean: Kwabena

Available publications and music

May the ancestors be pleased with his efforts.

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  • At 13 January, 2008 10:26, Blogger Isata said…

    This is such terrible news and has hit hard. I worked with Roi on a number of projects and considered him a colleague and friend. He was always an inspiration and a joy to be around. What I will remember most is his ability to reach young people (and adults) from very different backgrounds and to captivate, educate and communicate with them - all the while involving them in their own learning and always raising a smile. I can hardly believe he's gone.

    This also has made me realise how tenuously connected some of us are. I and several others I know would dearly wish to pay our respects but have no contact with Roi's family. If you can help to put us in touch, or know of his funeral or memorial arrangements we would be very grateful.

    Isata Kanneh

  • At 13 January, 2008 19:18, Blogger jmk said…

    Dear Isata,
    Thank you for your comments. I have emailed you some information (from sofar_sogood at btinternet dot com).


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