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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Merry Christmoose!

I have decreed that, this year and henceforth, the Christmas Season officially "kicks off" on the evening of 5 December (St Nicholas Day Eve). My mother was German and we always celebrated Nikolaustag when my brother and I were little. So - I may write some cards and wrap some pressies prior to the 5th but no decorations come out and no fruitcake gets eaten!

This morning I was in town posting some cards and looking for stick-on bows (why does everyone sell the nasty metallic ones and not the nice satin-type anymore?) when I popped into one of the charity shops. They had all their Christmas-y stuff together in a big display, but I went to the back looking for yarn (as I always do). There, stuffed in with all the other soft toys, was a little moose. He had a plain brown gingham bow around his neck but I knew immediately he was in the wrong place. He was a Christmoose!

I coughed up the £1.30 ($2.14), hurried home with my prize, ditched the gingham and dug out a proper Christmas bow. I can't tell you how silly-excited I get every time I catch a glimpse of him.

It's Chriiiiiiiist-maaaaaaaaas!!*

*Just in case there's anyone left out there who doesn't know: Noddy Holder at the end of Slade's "Merry Christmas Everybody"

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