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Wednesday 11 November 2009

"Letter to a dead husband: 11 November 1933"

White Poppies for Peace
Blessed are the peacemakers
Dear Arthur
Just wanted to let you know
that I’ve joined the Co-op women’s guild,
that we’re making white poppies for peace...
It started when Miss Millar
made her own, from white paper
and ribbons - we copied her.
She says we’re carrying
‘cargoes of grief on our cardigans
in memory of husbands, sons, sweethearts...’
We still respect the red,
honour the dead - but have
made our pledge, no more war!
It's a bit radical though;
last week my friend Ivy Brown
lost her job ’cos she wore one.
You remember years ago
in church when we had our banns called
when the vicar read from Isaiah
nation shall not lift up
sword against nation
neither shall they make war anymore
well that's what this is about see.
Us women believe in peace,
that war shouldn't happen anymore;
This Armistice Day I wear it for you Arthur
even though it's fifteen years
since you've been gone.
I wear it for all the rainbows
you will never see, our beautiful daughter
you will never kiss
- the sons we never had.
Your loving wife

-- Denise Bennett



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