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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Grandchild #2

Matthew - (free glitter text and family website at
Born 17 March 2008
Adopted 4 December 2008
Adoption finalised 31 March 2009
(PS He's gorgeous!)



  • At 03 April, 2009 04:21, Blogger Beansieleigh said…

    This is WONDERFUL!! Congratulations and Best Wishes to you and all your family!

  • At 03 April, 2009 19:47, Blogger jmk said…

    Thank you very much! We'd long ago given up hope of having any grandkids and now we've got a pigeon pair. Perfect!

  • At 05 April, 2009 03:26, Blogger Sus said…

    Congratulations!!!! I wish you heaps of joy and love! I bet you're just the most awesome granny around!

  • At 10 April, 2009 21:12, Blogger jmk said…

    Thanks Sus! I don't know about "awesome" but I know they'll never be short of crocheted goodies, LOL!


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