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Friday 26 September 2008

Dear God...

Crane Flies*...


*Tipula paludosa, known in our household as Clunk Bugs because they're useless fliers and when they get in your house they bumble about and "clunk" into everything. For those of you not familiar with these little darlings, the body alone is over an inch long. Then there's those legs! EEEeeeeekkkk!!!

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Sunday 14 September 2008

Woodpigeons Again

Remember the woodpigeons I introduced you to in this post? The babies - teenagers now, I suppose - still pass through our garden occasionally.

Well, about a week ago I spotted Mrs Woodpigeon inspecting the old nest, pulling a twig here, prodding a twig there. Then Mr Woodpigeon arrived with a new twig... Could they be nesting again? In September?

Since then, when I looked, more often than not Mrs W was sitting on the nest. Final confirmation came today. I was in the middle of cleaning the bathroom - the nest can best be seen from the bathroom window - when I spotted Mrs W "fussing" with something in the nest. She had her back to me and I couldn't see much but I waited. Finally she shuffled around the other way and I could clearly she her rolling a bright, white egg into position.

More babies on the way! I just hope the weather holds for them.

Update 30/9/08: Sad news. After checking several times over the last few days I have come to the conclusion that the nest has been abandoned. No sign of Mr or Mrs W. Perhaps the eggs were infertile. Or perhaps the magpies paid a visit. All the to'ing and fro'ing with the previous brood stripped many of the leaves from the surrounding branches making the nest much more visible. Our weather has now turned wet and chilly - not ideal naked chick* raising weather - so maybe it's just as well.

*I wonder how many hits I'm gonna get from that word combination!

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Friday 12 September 2008

International Crochet Day

Today is International Crochet Day - as first declared last year by our beloved crochet hook artiste Jimbo.
...I have thought for a long time now that the art of crochet and those who practice the art deserve some significant recognition. And so in my great power as the Ruthless Tyrant of my vast hook empire have decided to declare that Sept 12, 2007 will be a Holiday that I'm cleverly calling "International Crochet Day". I'm giving everyone who works for me (ME) a day off. You just go ahead and take the day off too.... tell'em Jimbo said it's ok (see where that gets you!)

In honour of this great day I am sharing this:

I was so thrilled when Patti Sandlin sent me this picture of the blanket she made using my Peace Granny Square pattern. What a feeling of pride, LOL! And hasn't she done a wonderful job? I just love all the colours.

I'm so pleased Patti liked the pattern enough to put all that effort in and then take the time to contact me. I love crochet and I love crocheters. And today is our day! Happy Hooking!

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Monday 8 September 2008

Long time no flake

Ten Mondays have passed since I last made a Snowflake Monday post. That's because almost that much time has passed since I made a snowflake. But the arrival of September made me aware that Christmas is not all that far off.

The first flake is Snowflake No.11 from ASN Crocheted Snowflakes by Mary Thomas #1025(25).

The second is Snowflake No.2 from ASN More Snowflakes by Mary Thomas #1038 (go Mary!).

Three more to go and I'll have one gift dozen out of the way. Then, hopefully, I'll be able to make a few more for myself this year.


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