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Sunday 30 July 2006

Water from the sky?

Hey, lawn - recognise this stuff? It used to be called "rain". I trust you'll remember what to do with it.

(Postscript - Ten minutes it lasted. Ten. Minutes. Never mind, lawn - as you were.)

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Saturday 29 July 2006

Hot and Hazy

View from the bathroom: across the River Stour towards Shotley Marina - 29 July 2006, 11:11am.

When I took this Saturday Sky this morning it was very hot and humid, but the wind picked up this afternoon and it's a bit cooler now. We have the promise of rain from the west for tomorrow. There have been isolated downpours all around us for several days but not a drop here. I hope we do get some rain this time. We need it - for the garden and for our sanity!

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Saturday 22 July 2006

Saturday Sky

At home - 22 July 2006, 11:39am

After a scorcher of a week the weather turned overcast today but it's only a teeny bit cooler. And it's due to get even hotter next week. SNAKES ON A PLANE!*

(*You can blame that little outburst on Crazy Aunt Purl.)

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Saturday 15 July 2006

Saturday Sky 3

A crystal clear blue sky above the Fryatt Memorial (Harwich) Hospital Fete - 15 July 2006, 3:16pm.

Not as dramatic as last week's offering but you couldn't have asked for better weather. Who told you it always rains in England?


Saturday 8 July 2006

Saturday Sky 2

Near Little Bentley, Essex, looking north - 8 July 2006, 10:42am.

We spent this gorgeous day walking on Mersea Island and then stuffing ourselves silly with prawns, crab, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel, cockles, mussels and crevettes - the current seafood platter selection from the Company Shed, West Mersea - all accompanied by a hunk of stonebaked bread and washed down with a lovely Pinot Grigio (both bring-your-own). Fantastic.

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Monday 3 July 2006

Don't make Me come down there

Preacher Boy's take on the Will of God.


Saturday 1 July 2006

Saturday Sky

Here's a brilliant idea from Sandy of Sandy's Knitting.

<--- Click here for details

And here's my first contribution:
Harwich sky, 1 July 2006, 8:00am

Why don't you join in? I'd love to see the sky where you live.


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