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Sunday, 30 July 2006

Water from the sky?

Hey, lawn - recognise this stuff? It used to be called "rain". I trust you'll remember what to do with it.

(Postscript - Ten minutes it lasted. Ten. Minutes. Never mind, lawn - as you were.)

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  • At 01 August, 2006 02:46, Blogger Cerridwen said…

    Haha... everyone elses rain is comming here. Rivers are flowing, washes are full, the Swift Water Resuce team is out in force, people are getting the Stupid Fine left and right!! Haven't seen it like this in years!!

    Maybe in another couple of days, we can send you some rain.

  • At 01 August, 2006 20:35, Blogger jmk said…

    LOL! I hadn't heard of the Stupid Fine (aka "Stupid Motorist Law") so a-Googling I did go. Brilliant idea.

    We had a bit more rain last night and on and off today. Pleased as I am for my lawn, I'm mainly just thrilled that the temperature has dropped.


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