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Saturday, 15 July 2006

Saturday Sky 3

A crystal clear blue sky above the Fryatt Memorial (Harwich) Hospital Fete - 15 July 2006, 3:16pm.

Not as dramatic as last week's offering but you couldn't have asked for better weather. Who told you it always rains in England?



  • At 17 July, 2006 02:11, Blogger Cerridwen said…

    I spent a summer in England visiting my aunt. It rained (or was threatening) every day I was there. One day (the only day there was sun. I was so happy, it didn't last long), as my aunt and I were walking into town, we passed this huge field. I asked if that was the field that they sacrificed the goat to make that scary orb in the sky go away. At that moment, a couple people walked through the field leading a sheep... By the time we got into town, the sun had gone behind the clouds again.

  • At 19 July, 2006 20:00, Blogger jen said…

    Gorgeous blue sky! My grandparents took my on a tour of England when I graduated from high school and the only day it rained was the day we travelled to Salisbury. I woke up just as the bus came over the hill towards Stonehenge and the sun came out. It has permanently become one of my favourite memories. And I still think of England as a sunny place :)


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