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Tuesday 28 March 2006

And they say Americans don't get irony

Saturday 25 March 2006

Heads up

Whilst floating through the blogosphere the other day, I came across Desktop Flamingo and this nifty little item -

Spell with flickr

Have fun!


Wednesday 22 March 2006

Thank *you*, PB

I was re-visiting Preacher-Boy's blog the other day. He's done it again - another powerful post. I've been remiss in not adding him to my Favourite Blogspots list before now.


Monday 20 March 2006

This is fun

A friend of mine, with a quirky sense of humour similar to my own, sent me a "talking" e-card courtesy of Bud Light*. Oh, it did make I larf. And naturally, I had to start sending my own creations to all and sundry.

Then I thought, hey, I could link to one from here. So, for all my adoring fans out there (and you know who you are), here's a special message from me to you. Luv ya!

(*not affiliated, just appreciative)


Saturday 4 March 2006

A film for our time

We were back at the Electric Palace last night - this time to see the immensely inspiring and visually hypnotic movie Good Night, and Good Luck. People don't really clap at movies here in the UK but DH and I were discreetly clapping at the end of this one.

In view of the state of affairs both in the US and here, where fear of "the enemy" is being exploited by those in power to erode our civil liberties, this film is eerily relevant and should be compulsary viewing (which, of course, would be an infringment of our civil liberties - *sigh* - but you know what I mean).

As is my wont, when anything or anyone captures my interest I promptly Google it. Did you know that Edward R Murrows' parents were Quaker abolitionists? Just thought I'd mention it *grin*.


Wednesday 1 March 2006

So what is it about having my own blog...

...that has suddenly made me so reticent? Not like me, I assure you. But I find myself struggling to find anything to write about.

Is my life so uneventful? Not overly so. F'rinstance, I've just started a new job (which I love) but I haven't really got anything to say about it at the moment (just wait until the first time I need to vent!). DH and I have recently joined a
Tai Chi class. We did it before, about 5 years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so we were very pleased to find a local class again.

Home improvements are progressing. Now there's something I could do - post a picture of the new bathroom. Wait 'til you see the colour!

Well, I'm sure that's about all the exciting information you can handle in one go so I'll sign off now. Watch this space! (just not too closely)


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