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Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Thank *you*, PB

I was re-visiting Preacher-Boy's blog the other day. He's done it again - another powerful post. I've been remiss in not adding him to my Favourite Blogspots list before now.



  • At 23 March, 2006 22:15, Blogger Scott said…

    Thank YOU - and you've a great blog. I look forward to returning often.

    And thanks for visiting the hideout.

  • At 24 March, 2006 00:09, Blogger Beverly said…

    Scott needs to run for blog president!

  • At 24 March, 2006 00:52, Blogger Scott said…

    Geez Beverly, you really ARE stalking me ;-)

  • At 24 March, 2006 18:02, Blogger jmk said…

    Hey, this is great. I have the beginnings of a crowd here. If this keeps up I'll have to find a caterer.

  • At 24 March, 2006 19:45, Blogger Scott said…

    Yeah, but with so many Yanks, it'd probably have to be hotdogs and chips (er, I mean crisps).

  • At 24 March, 2006 22:53, Blogger jmk said…

    Not a problem. I've spent enough years in North America (10 in Winnipeg, 11 in Seattle) to appreciate a good hotdog. Just don't tell me what's in 'em. "Oh, I wish I was an Oscar Meier wieeeenerrrr!..."


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