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Tuesday 31 January 2006

Busy, busy, busy

I've been having such a good time learning basic HTML and tweaking my new blogsite - adding buttons to my links and little twinkling gifs... (Hmm, 'bought time I started actually writing something.)

Been "Next Blog"-ging for hours, checking out other peoples' sites to see what neat stuff they had that I could, umm, assimilate. That's how I found And The Fat Lady Sings.. and her little dog "freckles". "I want one! I want one!"

So - meet montgomery the llama (check the sidebar just below the links list).
Update 3 Feb 06 - monty's got food! Click the "more" tag...

I have to say an extra special Thank You to his designer (at bunnyhero labs - NAYY*) who answered my email of distress in record time and came up with a way for me to make monty a little smaller so he'd fit in the sidebar (makes your columns go wonky if an image is too wide). He's a star and I'm a happy bunny!

*Not affiliated, yadda, yadda


Friday 27 January 2006

Nice Outing

DH and I have just been to see "Mrs Henderson Presents" at the Electric Palace in Harwich. Lovely film! And Judi Dench was magnificent, as usual.


Sunday 22 January 2006

Let's start here...

"...I will defend to the death your right to say it."
-- The Friends of Voltaire, 1906

Say No To SFSE at

For more info (and a damn good laugh) see You Knit What?.


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