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Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Busy, busy, busy

I've been having such a good time learning basic HTML and tweaking my new blogsite - adding buttons to my links and little twinkling gifs... (Hmm, 'bought time I started actually writing something.)

Been "Next Blog"-ging for hours, checking out other peoples' sites to see what neat stuff they had that I could, umm, assimilate. That's how I found And The Fat Lady Sings.. and her little dog "freckles". "I want one! I want one!"

So - meet montgomery the llama (check the sidebar just below the links list).
Update 3 Feb 06 - monty's got food! Click the "more" tag...

I have to say an extra special Thank You to his designer (at bunnyhero labs - NAYY*) who answered my email of distress in record time and came up with a way for me to make monty a little smaller so he'd fit in the sidebar (makes your columns go wonky if an image is too wide). He's a star and I'm a happy bunny!

*Not affiliated, yadda, yadda



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