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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Lisa's Groovy Granny Shawl

Every so often I'm treated to photos of the works of art that fellow crocheters have created around my Peace Granny Square. Blankets, bags, scarves... All colourful and hippy-happy!

But I was blown away by Lisa Kauma's fantastic shawl and had to share it with you all, with her kind permission, of course.

It's got so much going for it. Beautifully balanced colours. The clever use of granny stitches for the main part. Tassles!! And what about this frog?! ♥

Lisa, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, says:
When I saw the peace sign granny square I knew it was perfect for my friend... I really wanted to make a shawl, since I usually tell people to wrap themselves up and think of it as a big hug from me. I looked around at different shawl patterns and then came up with this shawl. I was happy with how it turned out.
I should think she was! What a lucky friend.

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  • At 29 March, 2014 11:03, Blogger Lillbatting said…

    Amazing! Lisa must be the best friend ever. I just made a pillow from this great pattern. My blog is in Swedish but you can find it here: Best regards, Anna

  • At 29 March, 2014 13:07, Blogger jmk said…

    Anna, Thank you so much for the link. I love to see where these peace signs "go". :) Your cushion is coming along very well. And I love your profile, too. Very funny!


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