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Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Ok. It's official. I am a sad geek with no life.

The warning signs were there when I declared my devotion to Real Park. But now there is no denying I have no real life... because I have a Fliplife!

I expect there are a few acronyms I could toss out at this point so that the cognoscenti would know exactly what sort of set up Fliplife is, but I've never played anything like this before so I don't know the lingo.

I've seen it described as a cross between The Sims and Farmville (I have only a vague knowledge of either, so I really couldn't say). Whatever it is, I'm enjoying it thoroughly!

The game play seems perplexingly pointless at first but as you progress it all starts to make sense and becomes deliciously challenging.

You choose a "career" and then work to gain "cash" and "flips", which can be spent in the "shop" (what self-respecting avatar doesn't want to be seen in the latest fashion?) , on "training" to increase your earning power or on recreational activities that allow you to regain energy and build endurance.

Working as part of a "team" builds your "friends" base; working with friends increases your bonuses - win-win!

I'm probably explaining this really badly but let's just say I'm totally addicted and I'm hoping you'll give it a try and get sucked in too. The more the merrier!

Update 6 Nov 11: Here's my personal invitation link. I'd love to see you there!

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