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Wednesday 21 May 2008

It's the Real Thing

Proud as I am of the lovely ornamental apple tree in the front garden, I now have a "real" apple tree in the back garden.

Apple Tree
Okay, it's a bit of a glorified stick at the moment but it's a Worcester Pearmain - absolutely delicious apples - and we spotted it, crammed in a tub with a load of other plastic-wrapped fruit trees, at our local supermarket, price £4.99/$10. Not the most auspicious start, but it had a few leaves on it so we thought we'd give it a chance.

Apple Blossom 1
These pics were taken 2 weeks ago but it's still putting out new blossoms. Will we actually get fruit this year? I would have said not a chance but it's been doing so well I'm just tempted to hope.
Update 27/6/08: The one little applet I had on the tree, that I intended to take a picture of to share with you, fell off. Next year!

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Friday 2 May 2008

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it

I realise that you must all be very concerned about the fact that I haven't been making any Snowflake Monday posts for a while (meh, humour me). Here it is, a third of the way through the year, and I've only made 9 snowflakes. What ever could the matter be??

Well, mainly it's the fault of this little tadpole here:
No, not me you idiot! At my age?? This little girl (yes, apparently it's a girl) is on her way to becoming our first grandchild. Early October.

So, naturally, I've been crocheting baby stuff like a mad thing since we got the news in February. Snowflakes will just have to wait their turn. Here are the results of my efforts so far: Baby Set for K&K
Heirloom Baby Blanket for K&K

Heirloom Baby Blanket and Crocheted Hat and Jacket for Baby (the mittens and booties are my design)

Shining Star in progressBICO #1

Baby, It's Cold Outside (BICO) and Shining Star baby blanket from 50 Sensational Crocheted Afghans and Throws (WIP).

In addition, I've made another pair of booties, a BICO for another mum-to-be and seven chicken potholders.
Okay, so the chickens are nothing to do with babies. But they're cute.

I even have one as my avatar on
Ravelry and Flickr.

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