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Tuesday 22 April 2008

Apple Tree Redux

I thought you might appreciate a more spring-like view of the ornamental apple tree than my Easter Day offering. The apples are gone now (so is the snow) and the lovely pink blossoms are starting to open.

Apple Tree 080419

The apples might make nice jelly, I haven't tried. But they stay on the tree all winter and look so pretty when everything else is grey. By late February/early March they've softened up enough for the blackbirds to eat. Then, mid-April, just before the flowers come out, I remove about half a carrier bag-full of apples.

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Saturday 5 April 2008

FGX Update

The squares have been flying thick and fast in the CrochetPartners Friendship Granny Exchange, so I'm ready to give another update.


No pattern info for any of these I'm afraid, although Little Miss Colourful there is a basic granny and The Blues is a basic granny with the first two rounds worked in 3dc-popcorns.
Update 14/6/08 - The lovely CPer who made the purple/variegated square for me paid my blog a little visit and left a message to say that it's a Camellia Square designed by Karen Whooley. It was a free pattern on her now defunct website Crochet Legacy. I had to go back to a 2001 page on the Wayback Machine to find it! Where would us pattern addicts be without the Wayback Machine?!


Clockwise from top-left: 1) HDC Mitred Square. 2) Nine-Patch Granny (I'm hoping to find the time to write up a pattern soon). 3) #23 from LA 99 Granny Squares to Crochet #3078. 4) Corner Puffs Motif (adapted).

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