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Monday 30 July 2007

Day of the Flake II

In other words, I haven't had a chance to post anything since last Snowflake Monday. Largely to do with the house guest I mentioned last week. Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics of her visit. I say "hopefully" 'coz she's still here but as they're about her I may be allowed some computer time to do it. :-)

So, without further ado, here is simplysnowflakes' Snowflake Sign-up #10.

I like this one, too. Simple - only 2 rounds - but nicely spiky. So I was well annoyed when I discovered that I'd made one of the central spokes too short (see bottom spoke). Must have made two treble crochets instead of double-trebles. Duh! Naturally you don't notice this sort of thing until the flake is glued and pinned.

Update: I just noticed that this is my 100th post! Woohoo!

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Monday 23 July 2007

Day of the Flake

(aka Snowflake Monday, but that gets boring every Monday)

Here is simplysnowflakes' Snowflake Sign-up #9.

I like this one, it's really sweet. But it's quite small - only 2 1/3" in #20 cotton. I think it would benefit from being made with a thicker thread or even yarn.

I may not get much blogging action this week as we have another teenage visitor and I don't really feel like arm-wrestling for the keyboard.

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Saturday 21 July 2007

Saturday Sky with Port

for the Saturday Sky webring

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Monday 16 July 2007

Two for two!

I did it again. I won the simplysnowflakes Homepage Contest (aka Natural Snowflake Contest). Go me!! I'll have to sit the next one out to give the others a chance, LOL!

Here's the flake we had to recreate in cotton:

And here's my version:

Simple Snowflake
(American notation)

Ch4, slst in 1st ch to form ring.

Rnd 1) Ch6, (dc in ring, ch3) x 5, join w slst in 3rd ch at beg of rnd.

Rnd 2) Ch1, sc in same st, ch4, (sc in nxt dc, ch4) around, join w slst in beg sc.

Rnd 3) Ch11, (dc in nxt sc, ch8) around, join w slst in 3rd ch at beg of rnd.

Rnd 4) Ch1, sc in same st, **ch9, sc in nxt dc (= base sc), †(*ch5, hdc in 2nd ch from hk, hdc, sc, slst*, ch7, hdc in 2nd ch from hk, hdc x2, sc x2, slst, repeat btw *'s, slst in base sc)†, repeat from ** x4, ch9, slst in 1st sc of rnd, repeat btw †'s. Finish off.

Copyright © 2007, Judy M Kerr. All Rights Reserved.

As ever, please let me know if you find any mistakes or it just plain doesn't make sense, thanx.

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Wednesday 11 July 2007

Reach out and touch*

Click: {{{cyber hugz}}}

I composed this post Tuesday morning but I wasn't able to post it at the time because we received a call to say a friend was in hospital...
Curiouser and curiouser.

*"Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)" - Diana Ross


Monday 9 July 2007

Good news and bad news

The good news is I've managed to crochet a snowflake this week. Two, in fact.

The bad news is I can't show them to you.

Yep, simplysnowflakes is having another Natural Snowflake contest, and this is our inspiration:

So, next week guys. If it's any compensation, there'll be another new pattern for y'all. :-)

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Tuesday 3 July 2007

We have games!

Well, one game so far, courtesy of LabPixies.

Reasonably intuitive - click on the first box and a green ball appears. Clicking again will change it to red, then blue, then pink. Repeat for all four boxes to choose your colour sequence, then click the "?". The black star score shows correct hits, the white star shows right colours in the wrong places.


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Monday 2 July 2007

No-Flake Monday

I know - all last week you were wriggling with anticipation at seeing my latest SM flake today and I've let you down. I am so sorry.

I tend to work on my flakes at the weekend but on Thursday I came across the news that the Knitting Heretic's husband is ill...

so I had to make some angels for them pronto. (It's my way.)

They could really use some words of encouragement and maybe a little financial help right now so please pay a visit to .

Thank you.

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