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Wednesday 15 February 2006

Enough already

They were cute on the day but the hearts are off now (see previous post) - they were getting on my nerves, too.

Ouch, let go of my arm!! Ok, I've just been "asked" to direct your attention to my niece's - ouch! - my loving niece's site: ZoeMarin. {Are you happy now?! OUCH!}


Monday 13 February 2006

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I know I'm a little early but I'm going to be a bit busy tomorrow (starting a new job, dontchaknow?!) so I thought I'd do it now. Hope you can all see the hearts! xx


Saturday 11 February 2006

Oo, oo - over here! Pick me!

Figured I'd better post something - anything - or I'd fall below the "Next Blog" radar and no one would see my little bloggy world. Attention seeking or what? Yeah, I know, I have seen the number at the bottom of the page. I've not exactly been reeling them in up until now I admit but the occasional passerby would be welcome.


Friday 3 February 2006

It's Church Jim, but not as we know it

Whilst "Next Blog"-ging this evening I came across Preacher-Boy's Hideout and this blog. Sounds good to me.


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