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Friday 30 November 2007

Anda con Dios

So long Preacher Boy, I'm gonna miss you!


Wednesday 28 November 2007

Been back 7 weeks...

...and haven't posted since Week 1. Figured I'd better post something before the month was out!

I've been busy. In case you hadn't noticed, Christmas is only 27 days away.

If you're a "crafty" person you know how manic the last few weeks before the Big Day can be. No matter how many times I've said "I must start earlier next year", I always end up running out of hours in the day in which to crochet/stitch/bake all the little goodies I want make for everybody. I've had to whittle my list down - if you don't get a hand-made giftie from me this year it's because you've been bumped to next year. Sorry. I did think of you.

There's been a distinct lack of Snowflake Monday posts on my part, but rest assured I have been flaking. I've made 53 snowflakes so far this year. Beat my "51 Flakes by Christmas" deadline by 3 weeks! I've still got a few more to make. Most of them will be given away but I have put a few aside for ME. Come the 1st I'll be hanging them in the front room window. Can't wait!

Despite my mounting pre-Crimble panic I did set aside some time today to take part in Just This Day. Did anyone else here join in?

I really hope I can find some time to post again before Christmas but if I don't manage it... I wish the Handiwork Fairies visit you in the night and finish all your gift projects so you can relax and enjoy the rest of the Holiday Season!

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