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Saturday 30 December 2006


I've been crocheting snowflakes like mad this year. Never made any before and then mid-November I suddenly decide everyone I know has to have one for Christmas! They are sooo addictive. I love crocheting doilies and these snowflakes are like little hits of instant mini-doily gratification.

Actually, I didn't succeed in flaking the world - DH's family will be getting 6-packs of snowflakes next Christmas (shhh, don't tell them). With that in mind, I've decided to join
Snowflake Mondays and make at least one snowflake every Monday. By next Christmas I should have a minimum of 51 snowflakes (allowing time for wrapping). Then maybe I can have a few as well. Yes, that's right, all that crocheting and I haven't a snowflake to my name. Oh, not true - I do have the one my friend KC made for me, thank you!

Here's a few I prepared earlier - click on image for online pattern where available (be warned, I tweak):
Pat Depke Books Crochet Snowflakes & Angel PD-5561Leisure Arts Thread Tree Trims LA2836 Leisure Arts Thread Tree Trims LA2836

Have a happy and flakey 2007!

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