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Friday 24 May 2024

Jeremy Corbyn: Why I'm Standing Against Labour After 40 years


Says it all

Update: No sooner did I post this than Corbyn (finally) announced that he is running as an Independent. Good on him! 

The Labour Party under Starmer is willing to welcome hard-right Natalie Elphicke with open arms while virtually banishing Jeremy Corbyn, their leading socialist. 

Labour is dead.


Thursday 23 May 2024

Resurrecting this blog?

I haven't posted here, at least not in any general, bloggy sense, in quite some time. I've removed myself from Meta (Facebook, Instagram, et al), but I still sometimes feel the need to scream into the void. This void is as good as any.


Monday 6 May 2024

DanDan Square Pattern

Many moons ago I put The Sunroom’s "Grandad Square" pattern in my Ravelry basket to purchase... at some point. That point came a few weeks ago, but, to my dismay, the pattern is no longer available for purchase.

I decided to try to recreate it as I really liked the effect and was hoping to use it for blankets for our local cat rescue (little 2’x2’ pads to go in the residents' beds, so they have something familiar to take with them to their forever homes).

I didn’t want to appropriate the “Grandad" name but wanted to honour the original intent. Our granddaughter couldn’t say “grandad" when she was little, and even now, at the age of 15, she still calls him DanDan.

As the pattern is no longer available, I’ve had to recreate it from photos. I think the only change I’ve made is to work the first round in hdc rather than dc so it doesn’t “pooch” in the middle.

US crochet terms used 

Special stitches:

fpdc = front post double crochet   How To

fptr = front post treble   Just like the fpdc (see How To above) but work a treble.

Note - The fpdc is only used in the last round

Use whatever yarn+hook combo works for you. For this sample, I used DK and a G hook, and it came out 4¼” (just under 11 cm).

Rnd 1 – Ch4, join with slst in 4th ch from hook to form a ring (if you work over your 'tail' you can use that to pull the loop tight, or start with a magic ring - my preference), ch2 (for 1st hdc), 11 hdc, join.  12 st

Rnd 2 – Ch3 (for 1st dc, here and throughout), fptr around same hdc, *dc in next hdc (NB. hdc lean right, so the top of the next hdc will be almost behind the fptr just made), fptr around same hdc, repeat from * around, join with slst to 3rd ch of beg ch3.  24 st

Rnd 3 – (Ch3, tr, dc) in same st, *fptr on fptr, 2dc in dc, fptr on fptr, 2dc in dc, fptr on fptr, (dc, tr, dc) in dc, repeat from * around, ending on last fptr, join with slst to 3rd ch of beg ch3.  40 st

Rnd 4 – Ch3, (tr, 2ch, tr) in tr, dc, *fptr on fptr, 2dc, dc, fpdc (not tr) on fptr, dc, 2dc, fptr on fptr, dc, (tr, 2ch, tr) in tr, dc, repeat from * around, ending on last fptr, join with slst to 3rd ch of beg ch3, finish off.  52 st

As always, please let me know if I've messed up the pattern anywhere 😊 or if you have any questions.

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Monday 20 June 2022

The End of an Era 😢

Goodbye Beastie - It won't be the same here without you.
May 1999 - June 2022
(Yes, 23 lovely years)

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Saturday 20 January 2018

Show and Tell - Linda's Cut-Glass Snowflake Project

Look what Linda Reid, a retired teach from Manitoba who enjoys crocheting and knitting, made using the Cut-Glass Snowflake pattern.

This lovely hanging Christmas decoration!

Linda said, "[I] had an old round doily from my mom that I decorated with ribbon and Christmas bits." When she saw this pattern she thought it would be perfect to use in the same way. Now she wants to make two more, for her daughter and daughter-in-law.

I think it looks great, and I'm pleased she allowed me to share it here.

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Wednesday 10 August 2016

Peace Sign Granny Video Tutorial!!

The fabulous Nadia Fuad of YARNutopia has graciously and excellently produced a video tutorial for my Peace Sign Granny Square.

Scroll down to August 2016 on her "365 Days of Granny Squares" page and click on Number 222 to be taken to the video on YouTube.

I'm sure this will be a huge help for all of you who have struggled with the craziness that is Round 2 and/or found the Reverse V-Stitch totally confusing.

Please be sure to check out Nadia's amazing blog, and subscribe to her YouTube channel for many more wonderful tutorials.

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Friday 5 August 2016

Night night, my little fluffy man

Blue - Thank you for adopting us ♥♥♥
1998 - August 2016

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Sunday 26 June 2016

Sunday Stitching

It doesn't look like much progress for 4 hours work, does it?

To be fair, though, I was trying to hit the 18ct holes while bumping along in a car (no, I was not driving). Plus my eyesight and my wrists aren't what they used to be. And of course, there was a certain amount of unpicking, as always.

Carin of Stitches by Carin celebrated her 1000th blog post recently by giving away some quilting fabric and this cross-stitch kit, and Yours Truly won the kit.☺ We were taking hubby's brother home today after a week's stay, usually a 5½ to 6 hour round trip, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to make a good start. I think I did all right.

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Friday 24 June 2016

So Sorry

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Bye-bye Angel Puss

Tinkle - We'll miss you so much
May 1999 - May 2016

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Wednesday 17 February 2016

Photographic Evidence

There you have it, folks. Proof that I do, on occasion, still crochet. 
[Shouts of "Photoshopped!" from the crowd.]

The fact that I started this particular blanket in 2009 and I'm still only about half-way, should give you some idea of just how "occasional" my crafting is these days. Another interest is taking up most of my time. But I'm hoping to dust off my hooks and do a bit more, and maybe even design a little something for you all again.

Give yourself a little time each day to do something that makes you happy.
♥ ♥ 

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Sunday 6 December 2015


Arwen Lynch, Professional Joy Seeker and Tarot reader, shared this quote in a recent newsletter and I loved it, so like she always says about seeking joy, I'm passing it on.
Anyone who imagines that bliss is normal is going to waste a lot of time running around shouting that he has been robbed. The fact is that most putts don’t drop, most beef is tough, most children grow up to be just like people, most successful marriages require a high degree of mutual toleration, and most jobs are more often dull than otherwise. Life is just like an old time rail journey ... delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord [or your preferred deity/energy - jmk] for letting you have the ride.
-- Jenkin Lloyd Jones

Don't worry about finding bliss. Just seek joy y'all. Pass it on.

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Tuesday 3 November 2015


Bloody ImageShack. As of 1 November, unless I pay them $3.99 a month, the images they host for me will no longer be "delivered" to my blog. Hence all the empty images on my page.

Looks like I'll be spending precious time reloading them elsewhere (probably Flickr) and redoing all the links. Yay.

Oh, and I've got until 31 January to do it before my account is discontinued and I can no longer access the images.


Monday 16 March 2015


Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with their experience.
-- attributed to Mark Twain but doubtful


Monday 17 November 2014


Sasha - Sleep well, little girl.
May 1999 - November 2014

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